Order Fulfillment

4 Reasons to Outsource Holiday Order Fulfillment


The most wonderful time of the year is an important season for many retail brands, as sales can make up a large percentage of a retailer’s annual revenue. In addition to creating a killer marketing campaign for the gift-giving season, retailers must be sure to prepare a holiday fulfillment strategy. A seamless holiday order fulfillment [...]

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How Do Order Fulfillment Services Work?


A typical day in the life of an ecommerce business owner is filled with tasks that must be done continually and efficiently in order to be successful. These tasks-- which can include processing orders, customer service, managing and updating your ecommerce website, monitoring key performance indicators, creating marketing campaigns, and managing order fulfillment and returns-- [...]

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Why Do Brands Outsource Fulfillment Services?


Ecommerce sales are growing, and so is the amount of businesses outsourcing order fulfillment. In the last several years, ecommerce sales have exploded. In 2014, B2C ecommerce sales totaled $1.3 trillion, and that number is expected to exceed $4.5 trillion by 2021. With the ability to shop 24/7 thanks to the internet, modern consumers have [...]

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The Most Common Types of Barcodes Used in Product Fulfillment


Barcodes play a major role in efficient product fulfillment by providing a method to track and store information about individual products, as well as cases or pallets containing hundreds, thousands, or even millions of items. Without barcodes, product information would have to entered manually; a system that would likely result in a lot of human [...]

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How To Choose The Best Pick And Pack Service


Business is booming, but the orders are backing up and you don’t have time to train a bunch of new employees to help take up the slack. What is an eCommerce business to do? You could hire a great pick and pack service. Of course, not any average 3rd party logistics company will do, you [...]

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eCommerce Fulfillment And Customer Satisfaction: The Connection


In an industry where your primary customer touch comes from your fulfillment services, it’s vital that you get it right the first time. There’s no doubt that eCommerce fulfillment and customer satisfaction are connected, otherwise customers wouldn’t be the ones driving so much change to the eCommerce industry. Just how those pieces fit together can [...]

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What Is A Consumer Goods Fulfillment Service?


When your focus is on selling merchandise directly to your shoppers, you’re providing consumer goods to the general public. Following that same thought, when you hire a 3rd party fulfillment company to help you move those products to the homes where they belong, you’ve contracted with a consumer goods fulfillment service. But there’s a lot [...]

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Kitting And Materials Handling


Products that are fulfilled outside of your warehouse probably get very little mental space devoted to them. After all, they’re doing what they’re doing and everything seems to be running just fine without your input. As it turns out, your shipments could be less costly and more efficient if your order fulfillment service or 3rd [...]

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Finding The Best eCommerce Order Fulfillment Center


Growing online businesses face unique challenges, especially when it comes to finding the best eCommerce fulfillment center for their products. Keeping order fulfillment in house might have been ok when your orders were trickling in, but now that the trickle has turned into a wave the only way to stay above water is to partner [...]

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